New York improv team: Rebound

Rebound is a premiere 8-person musical improv troupe born from New York City's Magnet Theater musical program and one of the four first resident musical house teams ever created in Magnet history. Based on a brief gaze into an audience member's past, we take their memory and create and perform a riotous and dazzling long-form narrative musical, all for the first time and never to be seen again. Looking for astounding harmonies, lush vocals, and uniquely charismatic comedy, ribboned together with wonder and whimsy? We shake up the stage biweekly on Tuesdays at Magnet's Musical Megawatt Night. Prepare to be swept away from the mundane and dazzled by a crescendo of laughs and enchantment in an improv set like no other with Rebound: a little fun, and then we're done!